challenging religious privilege in public life



Genome Sequencing for Healthy People: Is it Time?

More of us are asking this question: why not also use genome sequencing to help seemingly healthy people screen for all sorts of conditions?

Building a Positive Genetic Future for All

Human genetic science is one of the most important advancements of our time, but the benefits of these technologies could be overwhelmed by fear.

Hacking DNA: The Story of CRISPR, Ken Thompson, and the Gene Drive

The very nature of the human race is about to change. This change will be radical and rapid beyond anything in our species' history.

The Techno-Human Shell – A Jump in the Evolutionary Gap

Will a wide-spread practice of installing technology into the body fundamentally change human essence?

Why human gene editing must not be stopped

What we all have an inescapable moral duty to do is to continue with scientific investigation of gene editing techniques.

Debunking The Core Of Christianity

If you want to look for one verse that encapsulates the gist of Christianity, it’s hard to find something better than John 3:16.

Evangelicals and the antiabortion movement

Not so long ago white evangelical Christians were completely indifferent on the issue of abortion. So what happened?

How Should Humanity Steer the Future? The Leverage and Centrality of Mind

Human minds as they currently exist are not capable of effecting our most desirable present and future.

AI, Robots, Automation and You

Aside from burger flipping, how many specific jobs have you heard people talk about robots replacing people?

Genome modification is the only way to survive …

Our values and mindset are the same as 100 and 1000 years ago. If that would stay we have no change to survive.