challenging religious privilege in public life



The Rule of Law and how Abortion and Slavery are intimately connected

If following the rule of law is tied to obeying a belief system that kills women then the rule of law is wrong.

GOP Virginia Candidate: ‘Ankle Bracelets’ to Curb Abortion (VIDEO)

A Virginia GOP candidate compared gun control to forcing pregnant people to wear “ankle bracelets” to prevent abortions.

How we Benefit from Getting our Genomes Sequenced

We are entering the age of genomics, an amazing future that will dramatically improve the health outcomes of people across the planet.

Attorney General Bill Barr Doesn’t Get Religion

Attorney General Bill Barr sees religion’s role in making the world a better place, but he obviously hasn’t done his homework.

Artificial Intelligence Is Humanity’s Rorschach Test

The Singularity is almost impossible to predict, which begs a question: where are these opinions about the broadly unknowable coming from?

Artificial intelligence And Algocracy

Arguments about which decisions should be made by machines are going to become increasingly vehement. Things are getting weird.

Superintelligence: a balanced approach

If artificial intelligence begets superintelligence it will present humanity with an extraordinary challenge – and we must succeed.

Where The Wild Things Were is Where Humans Are Now

For all the human development, something else had to give. That something is the living planet we all inhabit as well as the non-human species.

When does life begin?

The solution to the political and intellectual log jam is best solved by individuals, not by the Supreme Court.

Five ways the superintelligence revolution might happen

Assuming that scientific progress continues, human-level machine intelligence is very likely to be developed. And shortly thereafter, superintelligence.