challenging religious privilege in public life



Feeding 7.7 Billion

The Catholic Church’s absurd claim that birth control is a “sin” worsens the out-of-control population crisis.

Respect “The Population Bomb”

Some people feel that our planet has unlimited resources, and that our greatest resource is people - thus, the more humans, the better.

‘Ominous’ UN Report Warns Human Activity Has Pushed One Million Plant and Animal Species to Brink of Extinction

On land, in the seas, in the sky, the devastating impact of humans on nature is laid bare in a compelling UN report.

A computer predicted the world will end in 2040. If we don’t change our ways it may happen

After decades of neglect, silence and denial in relation to overpopulation, we are on course to reach 11 billion towards the end of this century.

Overpopulation during my lifetime of eighty years

With the depletion of finite resources and the destruction of habitat, the movement of humans will become increasingly predictable.

Solutions to overpopulation and what you can do

Vote for politicians who acknowledge the detrimental impacts of population growth and propose political solutions.

Combat Overpopulation Denial

We can already see the effects of overpopulation and overconsumption. Perhaps most evident is climate change.

Public believes population growth negative, risky, and requiring international attention, while politicians look the other way

Just because population growth is complicated and politicians are afraid to suggest solutions does not justify neglect of the issue.

WaPo piece again reflects indifference to the effect of world population on human governance worldwide

Our world leaders are most unwise to continue to ignore population growth as human governance seems to grow everywhere more chaotic.

The Fox News Effect

The government of the United States, the most powerful nation, is pushing humanity down a suicidal path.