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Combat Overpopulation Denial

We can already see the effects of overpopulation and overconsumption. Perhaps most evident is climate change.

Population Growth Means Democracies Fail; Only 2 Solutions Will Work

If two "must happens" (population limitation and female equality) are not addressed promptly, democracies around the world will fail.

WaPo piece again reflects indifference to the effect of world population on human governance worldwide

Our world leaders are most unwise to continue to ignore population growth as human governance seems to grow everywhere more chaotic.

Population and Immigration Reductions Urgently Needed by All Nations

It is already clear from decades of polling that the majority of our citizens already understand the need for reform.

The Fox News Effect

The government of the United States, the most powerful nation, is pushing humanity down a suicidal path.

The End Game for a Truly Planetary Society

Our planet is already overpopulated with humans. We have to figure out how to thoughtfully draw down our numbers.

Looming Planetary Disaster Outranks All Other Issues

The mention of the primary driver of our growing global pain, population growth, gets virtually no mention.

Overpopulation and Habitat Encroachment

The threats to wildlife across the entire planet are hard to imagine, but the statistics for the U.S. alone should be alarming to everyone.

The continuing failure of the Demographic Transition Theory

The illusion of the classic demographic transition ‘theory’ that population growth will look after itself is widespread and pernicious.

How Western civilisation could collapse

It should come as no surprise that humanity is currently on an uncertain path – but just how close are we to reaching the point…