challenging religious privilege in public life



Ethical food consumption on our plundered planet

Peter Singer of Princeton University argues that since one can healthy without eating meat, one should choose that option rather than harming animals.

Why We Must Talk About Population

Reducing the global population is essential - along with reducing overall consumption and the use of unsustainable technologies.

Unchecked Growth Is a Path to Poverty

Human population numbers and economic activity must stop growing. Our goal should be sustainability, not endless growth.

What nobody wants to hear, but everyone needs to know

As we continue paving over natural habitats, many think that we can disrupt and despoil the environment indefinitely.

Religious Control of Sexuality Creates Misery

it is critical that the demographic explosion which began in the 21st century be now brought under control.

The Real Demographic Challenge

East Asia has gained a huge demographic dividend from rapid fertility declines: in much of Africa and the Middle East, the dividend is still missing.

The next step in saving the planet: E O Wilson and Sean Carroll in conversation

The key word that people have to understand is ‘sustainability’. We have to create a sustainable environment, worldwide, and we’re not doing it.

The Human Race: Tackling the Population Taboo

By the time you finish reading this article there will be an extra 1,200 human beings on the planet. If that doesn’t seem too bad,…

Long buried documents reveal the virulent anti-American machinations of the Roman Catholic Church

The principal deterrent to a possible takeover of this democracy by a fanatic adversarial power – a free and vigilant press – no longer exists…

Zero population growth: only way out of world population overload

Demographic expert Jason Brent from Las Vegas, Nevada, brings readers a realistic assessment to ponder and act upon. He understands the adverse consequences...