challenging religious privilege in public life



First-ever in-body CRISPR human trial performed by Clinicians

The clinical trial at the Oregan Health & Science University was performed to treat a blindness-causing gene mutation.

Trump Is Not Fighting Science, He’s Stealing Its Authority

Trump is mixing good science with bad, diluting evidence-based facts with personal fantasies and magical thinking.

One Lifetime To Oblivion??

The numerous chroniclers of our planet have exposed us to frightening examples of the growing consequences of human invasiveness.

Why synthetic biology is about much more than resurrecting woolly mammoths

Synthetic biology involves the rewriting of large segments of the genomes of organisms, resulting in what effectively are new organisms.

Trump and his Evangelical backers’ anti-science KILL

Even as most of the world clamps down on the movement of people, Trump remains focused on restarting the economy and spreading feel-good lies.

COVID-19 Could Signal Wider Recognition of Urgent World Disease Dangers

These historical old religious forces can and will argue, clearly reflecting human irrationality, that this latest virus is punishment for our sins.

Science in a post-truth world

For scientists, this new post-truth world stands as a stark repudiation of everything we value: truth, rationality and evidence.

We cannot predict with any precision where technology will lead us

Ingenuity itself has little control over where it leads. But a world darkened by the fear of treading upon the unknown, is unimaginable.

Joseph Carvalko – Conserving Humanity at the Dawn of Posthuman Technology

With advances in genomic modification and computer-based prosthetics, we tumble headlong into a world populated by societies of transhumans.

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

For our successors, what they look like and what they believe in will go beyond change wrought by anything imaginable, today.