challenging religious privilege in public life



Joseph Carvalko – Conserving Humanity at the Dawn of Posthuman Technology

With advances in genomic modification and computer-based prosthetics, we tumble headlong into a world populated by societies of transhumans.

You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet

For our successors, what they look like and what they believe in will go beyond change wrought by anything imaginable, today.

Synthetic genomics – Inside the effort to create entire genomes from scratch

It is clear that writing genomes is the next major scientific frontier – and that we’re well on our way to crossing it.

Mechanics of Synthesizing the Human Genome: How it will happen

In May 2016, a group of scientists met to plan HGP-write, a project designed to create an entire functioning human genome out of chemicals.

From Stone Tools to Robots and AI: How Will Technology Change Human Civilization

Technology has been disrupting and advancing the way live, and maybe even the way we evolve, for over 3.5 million years.

Staving Off The Coming Global Collapse

Failure to implement a global sustainability plan that addresses excess consumption and over-population may well be fatal to global civilization.

God confesses: Religion, not my best idea to be honest

The Lord God, the most high, majestic creator of Heaven and Earth has admitted his invention of religion was 'just plain stupid'.

Don’t try to Reason with Deliberate Ignorance

In March 2018, Pope Francis said there is no hell. He said those souls who do not accept Christ will "disappear".

The Mythology Test (Does Your Religion Pass?)

If you can find examples of at least half the items on this list in a religious book, then it's mythology.

What will humans look like in 100 years?

It is actually unethical not to evolve the human body even though it can be scary, even though it can be challenging.