challenging religious privilege in public life



We should acknowledge the impact that overpopulation is having on the planet

Population limits have been so ignored that now inexpensive family planning methods will be replaced by the Grim Reaper.

America’s Bible Belt played down the pandemic and even cashed in. Now dozens of pastors are dead

The right to worship emerges as the battleground in a looming culture war as many congregations are hit hard by coronavirus.

Christian nationalism’s insidious hold on America is not an overnight phenomenon

The religious right is not really all that much about religious belief and thought and more about political power and social conformity.

Louisiana megachurch pastor urges followers to give their stimulus checks to churches

Pastor Tony Spell, who defied coronavirus lockdowns to hold church services, is urging followers to give their stimulus checks to churches.

Religion or Democracy? You Can’t Have Both!

The greatest danger to the world right now is the creeping takeover of democracies around the globe by religiously-based movements.

Catholic Church Shields $2 Billion in Assets to Limit Abuse Payouts

The US Catholic Church has shielded more than $2 billion from abuse victims by aggressively moving and reclassifying assets before declaring bankruptcy.

Catholic Bishop: Secularism and Contraception Turned Priests into Paedophiles

Bishop Thomas Paprocki joined other church leaders in blaming secular culture and birth control for church sexual abuse.

U.S. Confidence in Religion Falls Again

The confidence of Americans in organized religion has fallen in the last year and now stands at a historic low of just 36%.

Why do nations idiotically add people when birth control is cheaper than growth for growth’s sake?

There is a lack of broad public understanding that explosive population growth will increasingly affect our capacity to survive as a species.

We Need to Listen to the Survivors of Clerical Sex Abuse

A Chilean prosecutor found it necessary to raid Church premises after access to pertinent information was denied by the Vatican.