challenging religious privilege in public life



We Embrace the Greedy Food Miracle at Our Peril

This growth is a form of madness engineered by greed not charity. But if this unsustainable growth collapses, everyone loses.

Trump Is Not Fighting Science, He’s Stealing Its Authority

Trump is mixing good science with bad, diluting evidence-based facts with personal fantasies and magical thinking.

Are we ready for the artificial womb?

Our ability to create the artificial womb is inching its way toward us. The big question is whether or not society is ready for it.

UN Planetary Conference Time?

Be assured that an increasing number of the nearly 8 billion humans alive today know something is desperately wrong with Planet Earth.

One Lifetime To Oblivion??

The numerous chroniclers of our planet have exposed us to frightening examples of the growing consequences of human invasiveness.

Norman Borlaug’s 1970 Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech Warning Us About The Urgent Need For Population Limitation

Borlaug's wise advice should continue to challenge us to ensure birth control supplies and early access for young women to education.

Why synthetic biology is about much more than resurrecting woolly mammoths

Synthetic biology involves the rewriting of large segments of the genomes of organisms, resulting in what effectively are new organisms.

Body part regeneration: How science can make the jump from fantasy to reality

Regenerative medicine is promising and exciting to hear about, but reports on limb regrowth should be taken with caution.

History Accounts for the Children

Whether we admit it or not, our government's immigration policies condone an immoral callousness against migrant children.

Biden could rise to greatness by recognizing COVID-19’s urgent significance: the looming danger of overpopulation

Biden could point out that without offering all women the right to regulate their fertility we are on the precipice of world disorder.