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A Major breakthrough in reversing the cellular aging process

A team at Harvard has identified molecules that restore protective caps on the tips of our chromosomes that regulate cells ageing.

Excessive population growth is the root cause of environmental harm

In the intervening five decades since the first Earth Day, we 3.7 billion people of 1970 have more than doubled to 7.8 billion.

Our brains as hard drives – could we delete, modify or add memories and skills?

At MIT’s Center for Neural Circuit Genetics, for example, scientists have modified memories in mice using an optogenetic interface.

Is The Urgent World Population Limitation Message Finally To Be Heeded At Last?

Eight billion people means global warming, endless wars and, yes, endless health crises until there will be no peace or prosperity for anyone.

A Surprising Breakthrough Will Allow Tiny Implants to Fix – and Even Upgrade – Your Body

Like insulin pumps and cardiac pacemakers, the medical implants of the future will go where they are needed, on or inside the body.

7.5 billion and counting: How many humans can the Earth support?

What will happen if present-day birth rates continue? Though the detailed future of the human species is impossible to predict, basic facts are certain.

The designer baby debate could start a war

The genetics revolution that will transform our health care, and ultimately our evolutionary trajectory as a species has already begun.

Ten steps to prepare for an exponential future

The exponential future is coming faster than most of us appreciate or are ready for. Like it or not, we are now all futurists.

Would I Genetically Enhance My Own Children?

If I determined that the benefits of genome-based embryo selection outweighed the risks, and, critically, my partner felt the same, I would do it.

Population Control Needs a Backup Plan

The answer, of course, is universal access to contraception and safe, legal abortion, as scientists have been recommending for over 50 years.