challenging religious privilege in public life



A Family Planning Equivalent to Covid-19 Vaccine Also Urgent for Women

Such a major planetary action to reduce human numbers would create the long term peace and stability to which we all aspire.

Systems Biology and the Coming of “Big” Science

This truly remarkable time in the biological sciences has the opportunity to effectively attack some of the most fundamental problems of society.

We can identify ‘bad’ genes. Why can’t we use CRISPR gene editing to get rid of them?

A desirable option would be to use CRISPR gene editing to essentially cut out the unwanted gene. There are, however, many challenges ahead.

Hard to be an optimist

Essentially all the problems we face can be traced to one basic cause: the explosive increase of the human population.

How Gene Editing Is Changing the World

In “Hacking the Code of Life”, Nessa Carey explores advances that are giving us new powers to alter the genome.

Writing Our Genome

This ability to synthesise DNA quickly and cheaply has excited a group of biologists who want to use it to create entire genomes from scratch.

Scientists Use Stem Cells to Create the World’s First Living Robots

“These are entirely new lifeforms. They have never before existed on Earth. They are living, programmable organisms.”

Why can’t we solve humanity’s biggest problems?

We have the power to change our cards and to make the world a great place for ourselves, our families, and for everyone else.

Common Sense Would Dispel Religion

In the end, if common sense is used, we will discount the whole of the Christian religion as a mass of mythological stories.

Gene-editing Gets Major Funding

Some top experts are very optimistic CRISPR/Cas9 may become the cure for cancer researchers have been seeking for decades.