challenging religious privilege in public life



Trump is fatal to a livable climate and a majority of Americans are worried

The Earth’s scientists have warned incessantly, for several decades, that failure to act would result in irreversible climate damage.

The ‘stolen babies’ trial in Spain finally shines a light on a scandal that cannot be forgotten

Until into the 1990s, doctors, nuns and priests in Spain allegedly stole newborn babies and sold them to couples hoping to adopt.

One-Fourth of Christians ‘Speak in Tongues’

Will much of Christianity be transformed into jerking, howling, swooning congregations who utter incoherent sounds?

How a growing Christian movement is seeking to take control of the top sectors of American society

Based on our research, we believe that INC Christianity is significantly changing the religious landscape in America – and its politics.

How The Evangelical “American Taliban” Became Trump’s Lapdogs

Evangelicals’ appetite to impose themselves on others is symptomatic of their institutionalized desire for governmental and social control.

Study: Third of U.S. Says Being Christian Important to Being ‘Truly American’

Nearly a third of Americans say that being "truly American" means subscribing to the Christian faith, according to a new study.

Alabama Pastor Says People Who Don’t Stand For National Anthem Should Be Executed

"If you don’t want to stand for the national anthem, you can line up over there by the fence and let our military personnel take…

A Short Travel into Christianity’s Bloody Past

The lack of a belief in god doesn’t ask one to wish for bloodshed; that’s a business better suited for religious doctrine.

United States Wasted $1.4 Billion on Abstinence Education in Africa

$1.4 billion dollars was spent on abstinence-only education as an effort to reduce the spread of HIV in sub-Saharan Africa from 2004-2013.

The First Amendment Was Intended To Protect Us From The Religious Right

One of the chief complaints was that the Catholic Church had entirely too much control over government and was also incredibly corrupt.