challenging religious privilege in public life



Coronavirus: ‘Nature is sending us a message’, says UN environment chief

According to UN’s environment chief Inger Andersen, nature is sending us a message with the coronavirus pandemic.

COVID-19 America’s Chance for a Secular Great Awakening

What a remarkable chance for a new age when religious fantasies will not be used to govern our best human behaviour.

Beware Theologians, the Creators of False Hopes: Neither Divine Favors Nor Life After Death Exists

The alternative is to consider the facts of science and the overload of reason that strongly indicates life is meaningless.

The population question: Toward a plan for global sustainability

A world with fewer people will allow for a more robust planetary ecosystem, and a higher quality of life for humans.

Religious decline was the key to economic development in the 20th century

The message is crystal clear: secularisation occurs before economic development and not after it. A respect for individual rights set countries apart.

If population growth continues which form of world governance will prevail?

One of the basic concerns of numerous thoughtful people has to be about the huge acceleration in population growth.

The Trump voters who ‘just want to watch the world burn’ (and all of us along with it)

What could have resulted in a population so embittered, aloof, and indifferent to others that they “just want to watch the world burn?”

What If We All Lived Beyond 130 Years?

We might be the new generation of supercentenarians. Naturally, that comes with responsibilities and consequences.

It’s Time for Robots to Mine the Asteroids

Counter intuitively, the primary obstacles are not technical. Rather it is government inaction, in both funding and regulation.

The Four Waves of A.I.

When it comes to AI, it's incumbent upon us to understand its monumental impact, widespread benefits, and serious challenges.