challenging religious privilege in public life



Overpopulation during my lifetime of eighty years

With the depletion of finite resources and the destruction of habitat, the movement of humans will become increasingly predictable.

Automation will force us to realize that we are not defined by what we do

Yes, we will lose jobs  –  but AI will liberate us from routine work and push us to become more human, not less.

The Beast in the Shadows Behind Religion

Millions claim that religion causes believers to be kind. But an ugly flipside exists, a beast lurking in shadows behind supernatural faith.

Kavanaugh calls contraception ‘abortion-inducing’ – just like anti-choice groups who support him do

Kavanaugh referred to birth control as an ‘abortion-inducing drug,’ which is not just flat-out wrong, but is anti-woman, anti-science propaganda.

Meet the Superstar Prophet Who Can Walk on Air, Cure HIV and Put ‘Miracle Money’ in Your Pocket

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is famous for walking on air, curing virtually any disease or disability and even communicating with angels.

We Don’t Have Free Will. We Have Something Better.

We have ‘self-aware, conceptual reasoning’, or SCR for short. Future machines that have SCR will also have moral agency.

6 Ways Religion Does More Bad Than Good

Harming society may actually be part of religion’s survival strategy. When people feel prosperous and secure, the hold of religion weakens.

Calling All Wimpy Activists

We have to recognize the significance of reducing human numbers, humanely of course. Overpopulation drives destruction.

Recent findings on the origins of Islam: a key to countering radicalism?

Literalism, in the form of Islamism, is having a diabolical and destabilising effect globally, causing immense suffering.

If “Nothing Fails Like Prayer,” Why Do People Keep at It?

Ask and ye shall receive? Not unless the implacable laws of physics and biology are already trending in your favour.