challenging religious privilege in public life



Calling All Wimpy Activists

We have to recognize the significance of reducing human numbers, humanely of course. Overpopulation drives destruction.

Recent findings on the origins of Islam: a key to countering radicalism?

Literalism, in the form of Islamism, is having a diabolical and destabilising effect globally, causing immense suffering.

Bible vs Quran – test your knowledge of who deserves death in which religion

How well do you know your Torah, Bible, or Quran and Hadith? Can you tell which is which? Give it a try and then check…

If “Nothing Fails Like Prayer,” Why Do People Keep at It?

Ask and ye shall receive? Not unless the implacable laws of physics and biology are already trending in your favour.

Has the population bomb already exploded? Human survival: a drama in four acts?

Can exposure to rapid education enable enough changes in human behaviour to allow the survival of human life on Planet Earth?

The March of Christian Dominionism: Where Did It Come From and How Does It Work?

Consistency is not a strong point for Dominionists and it doesn’t need to be - as long as they keep their flock angry and afraid.

The Enlightenment keeps on winning

Here’s a landmark: Around three centuries ago, major thinkers began advocating democracy, human rights and personal freedoms.

Christopher Hitchens: Religion Is Absurd

Religion will always retain a tattered prestige because it was our first attempt as a species to make sense of the cosmos and of our…

Church atrocities receded in Europe because of the Enlightenment

Why did church atrocities recede in the West? Because a new social climate was spreading - the Age of Reason, the Enlightenment.

Vatican Subversion Of Family Planning Responsible For The Population Explosion and the Refugee Crisis

Why has the Vatican’s behavior with birth control not been excoriated and massive action to fix the birth control problem taken seriously?