challenging religious privilege in public life



Megachurch Pastor Says Trump Has God’s Approval to Start Nuclear War

Jeffress has said he believes God chose Trump for the job, and he has repeatedly invoked religious authority to justify Trump's policies.

Australia reveals over 4,000 alleged incidents of abuse by Catholic priests

More than 4,000 children, mostly boys, were allegedly sexually abused by Catholic priests in Australia over decades, an investigation says.

The Long, Slow Death of Religion

White evangelicals tipped the 2016 presidential election to Trump but, like most religious groups, face a shrinking future.

An abortion doctor on Trump’s win: ‘I fear for my life. I fear for my patients.’

Something very profound in the meaning of the America I know has been destroyed with the election of Donald Trump as president.

We Are Breeding Ourselves to Extinction

All measures to thwart the degradation and destruction of our ecosystem will be useless if we do not cut population growth.

The Case Against Religion

Our children, descendants, and successors are entitled to our best efforts in their behalf for progress, civilization, and a better world to live in.

American Pastor: Christian Children Should Be Taught To Be ‘Extremists’ Like Hitler Youth

A Christian minister is perhaps the only person who took one look at the Nazis and thought “Now, that’s who we should be emulating!”

The Return of Totalitarian Theocracy

Many of us fear living under the rule of theocrats whose tolerance for diversity and dissent only lessens as their own power grows.

Twenty Vile Quotes Against Women By Church Leaders from St. Augustine to Pat Robertson

Even the media’s most unabashed misogynists are tame compared to some of the biggest names in Christian history.

Why is linking population growth to environmental stress politically taboo?

So complete is human domination of earth that scientists use the term “Anthropocene” to describe a new geological epoch.