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Petition to defrock Cardinal George Pell has more than 77,000 signatures

A petition started by a clergy abuse survivor has received more than 77,000 signatures supporting his call for Cardinal George Pell to be defrocked.

The 5 best reasons atheists don’t believe in God

Belief in God is a product of upbringing, societal and cultural convention, a desire for comfort and intellectual laziness.

Our Genetic Future Is Coming… Faster Than We Think

Our species is on the cusp of a revolution that will change every aspect of our lives but we’re hardly talking about it.

The Catholic Church broke its promise to publish a list of “credibly accused” abuser priests, so Propublica did it for them

The Catholic Church promised to end the coverup and engage in truth and reconciliation with the parishoners who'd been preyed upon by clergy.

Kentucky’s Attack On Abortion Rights Will Fail; Trump’s Perfidy Continues

The US Supreme Court just allowed an unnecessary, harmful Kentucky abortion restriction to take effect.

Advancing Its War on Science, Trump Admin Blocks Fetal Tissue From Being Used in Federal Research

In a move celebrated by anti-choicers, the Trump-Pence administration has announced that it is barring government researchers from using fetal tissue.

3 things that would make me believe in a God

1. The appearance of an angel. An actual non-human being conforming to supernatural existence available for scientific study.

More Fascist Catholics

Slovakia, under the leadership of a Catholic priest, enthusiastically shipped around 60% of Slovakian Jews to the death camps, mostly Auschwitz.

Six hints that Baby Jesus stories were late additions to early Christian lore

If we line up the four gospels - Mark (60CE), Matthew (70-90CE), Luke (80-95CE), then John (90-100CE) - an interesting pattern emerges.

The Concept of God or the Intelligent Creator Is an Extremely Stupid Concept. Here’s Why

If a creator has unlimited resources then why should any creator let its creations be killed to feed some of its other creations?