challenging religious privilege in public life



Missouri lawmaker wants police officers to stop women from getting abortions

A Missouri lawmaker who once beheaded a chicken to make a point about abortion wants police officers to stop women from terminating pregnancies.

Texas GOP files ‘Abolition of Abortion Act’ to ban abortion and make it punishable by death penalty

Texas state House Bill 896, introduced earlier this year, has the potential not just to criminalize abortion, but to classify it as a homicide.

Massive sexual abuse story in Baptist churches

The Star-Telegram discovered at least 412 allegations of sexual misconduct in 187 independent fundamental Baptist churches.

DeVos Has a Plan To Force Taxpayers to Fund Religious Schools

Betsy DeVos is an evangelical theocrat desperate to eviscerate the public school system to fund private, for-profit, religious schools.

Are religious people more moral?

No matter how we define morality, religious people do not behave more morally than atheists, although they often say that they do.

Why you shouldn’t respect religious beliefs

There have been, are and will always be negative consequences to believing in a world view that isn’t based on reason or fact.

Study: Third of U.S. Says Being Christian Important to Being ‘Truly American’

Nearly a third of Americans say that being "truly American" means subscribing to the Christian faith, according to a new study.

Conservatives Christians claim that God wrote the Constitution, but they are delusional

Conservative Christians constantly claim that God wrote the Constitution or that it was divinely inspired and written.

Televangelist compares Trump to Jesus’ disciples: ‘Every one of them were Donald Trumps’

“If you look at the disciples that Jesus chose, they were all Donald Trump. Every one of them were Donald Trumps.”

A Short Travel into Christianity’s Bloody Past

The lack of a belief in god doesn’t ask one to wish for bloodshed; that’s a business better suited for religious doctrine.