challenging religious privilege in public life



How I Always Win the Abortion Argument

The “pro-life” movement has never been about “life,” it is about control. The entire movement has been a scam from its inception.

Revisiting the question of the veil: Must the veil be banned?

The banning of the burka or the niqab can be argued from two angles, 1) the societal right and 2) the women’s right.

Women, Be Warned: Trump Appoints Anti-Choice Extremist to Top HHS Post

President Trump has nominated leading anti-choice crusader Charmaine Yoest to a top post at the Department of Health and Human Services.

Ten questions about religion everyone should ask

Why, after debating this for thousands of years, are we no closer to agreeing which god is real or even if there are any gods…

Earth Needs Renewed Attention To Population Growth

We have little chance of tackling our environmental challenges if we ignore either of the two factors, per capita consumption and population.

Top Trump Advisor Kellyanne Conway Will Speak at Anti-Abortion March

Kellyanne Conway has agreed to speak at the annual March for Life, one week after Donald Trump is sworn in as president.

For Melinda Gates, Birth Control Is Women’s Way Out of Poverty

We see it all over the world. I mean, you even see it sometimes in the United States, right? Men wanting to take control of…

Christianity and Women – Roots of Oppression

In the Bible as a whole, things women say only represent around 1% of the total text. Only around half of those women are even…

Religion is Contrary to Reason

Any student can go through the Bible and find hundreds of conflicts between science and the Christian religion.

Christianity and its traditional discrimination in favour of Right Wing Politics

When all countries lived under absolutist governments the Churches enjoyed a much closer relationship with the State.