challenging religious privilege in public life



The Silent Crisis that is global human population numbers

Today there is a ‘Silent Crisis’ in our midst. The crisis is potentially greater than all the other problems that transfix our policy makers.

Catholic on Catholic civil war brewing

A house doesn't have to fall on my head to tell me a battle royal is brewing within the Catholic Church over the conservative hierarchy's…

Postponing Self-Destruction of the Catholic Church

If Americans knew that the Vatican gravely threatens U.S. and global security, it would be much closer to its own self-destruction.

Catholics urged to engage in massive battle over religious liberties

In a press release issued last week by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, the bishops “issued a call to action to defend religious…

The Origins of Vatican Power in America

To understand the population problem and the inertia currently seen in dealing with this problem, one must understand the origins of Vatican power.

10 Ways Right-Wing Christian Groups Will Likely Shove Religion Down Your Throat This Year

You don’t have to look far or wide to see signs that the Religious Right was resurgent in 2011. From the halls of Congress, where…

‘Belief’ in evolution? It may be the wrong word

When the contestants in the Miss USA pageant last week were asked whether evolution should be taught in schools, many volunteered that they either...