challenging religious privilege in public life



The Corrosive Effect Of Christianity On Conservatives

What evangelical leaders have run into is an American electorate that is as skeptical of evangelicals as it is politicians.

Forced-birthers are pushing even more draconian attacks on women’s reproductive rights in 2019

Since 2010, thousands of bills attacking women’s reproductive rights have been introduced and well over 400 of them have been enacted into law.

Abortion: There Is No Ethical Dilemma

The onset of a defined human life appears to be when foetal brain activity begins to exhibit regular and sustained activity.

When it comes to contraception and abortion, the Catholic Church remains in the Middle Ages

Ignoring scientific discoveries, as it did in the Galileo trial, Church doctrine reaches erroneous moral conclusions.

Five and a Half Utopias

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Steven Weinberg looks at several of the guises in which utopian thinking is likely to appear during the century ahead.

These priests abused in Native villages for years. They retired on Gonzaga’s campus

When abuse was discovered, the priests would be reassigned, sometimes to another Native community.

A Case for Neural Augmentation

There is little reluctance to consider implants for somebody who is paralysed or has lost a limb. So what about implants in normal people?

Two-thirds of American voters want Roe v. Wade to stay the law of the land

If Republicans think they’ll win this midterm election by running on the Supreme Court and overturning Roe, they are miscalculating.

What would you do – with the infinite extra years – if you were immortal?

"Deathists" say death is integral to the "natural order." But death is sabotage and chaos, the malicious annihilator of plans and intentions.

Criticizing Religious Beliefs Is a Fundamental Human Right

One’s religious beliefs should not exist in an impenetrable and inviolable bubble wherein they are protected from criticism or scrutiny.