challenging religious privilege in public life



Nazi Leaders And Christianity

Since the second world war, there has been a convention that the Nazis were driven either by atheism or by all sorts of sinister occult…

The Vatican Hall of Shame

So many Vicars of Christ have been denounced as the “Worst Pope Ever” that we have to settle for a Top Ten list.

Who Aborts the Most Fertilized Eggs? Families Like the Duggars

A woman who values fertilized eggs or who believes her deity does should use the most highly effective contraceptive available.

Overpopulation Is A Perilous Problem

Overpopulation is not just about food shortages and human suffering. The collapse in global biodiversity is also linked to overpopulation.

U.S. Bishops’ Unrelenting Assault Against Women and Gays to Support GOP in 2016

For over three decades, the Republican Party has used the Religious Right to energize conservative Christians to political activism.

Bernie Sanders connects climate change to terrorism

"Climate change is directly related to the rise of global terrorism," Sanders said, adding that we're going to see all kinds of international conflict.

Hillary Clinton’s Answer On Abortion Leaves ‘Pro-Life’ Senator Speechless (VIDEO)

Lack of abortion rights will send women into a cycle of poverty and abuse, and will make the USA so much more like a third…

Ignoring Science Leads To The Crumbling Of Society, Says Viral Pro-Science Video

Did you know that just one month of military spending in the United States is as much as funding a year of NASA?

The history of religion in the United States: Liberty and theocracy

Never before have Americans needed to be reminded more of where American religious liberty started. This country was never a country...

Vatican and Republicans threatening U.S. democracy

The claim that the Church is not active in politics and is not mixing religion and politics is dangerous to American democracy.