challenging religious privilege in public life

Neural Augmentation


How Should Humanity Steer the Future? The Leverage and Centrality of Mind

Human minds as they currently exist are not capable of effecting our most desirable present and future.

The Merge

We can either fade into an evolutionary tree branch or we can figure out what a successful merge looks like. 

Who’s Afraid Of Superhumanity?

It doesn’t matter how many superpeople there are. A world with any superpeople in it is a better world. But is this the future?

Taking over from evolution: how technology could enhance humanity

The 21st century and beyond promises an array of novel methods for enhancing human cognition.

Linking brains to computers: how new implants are helping us achieve this goal

It is important that we continue to push the boundaries of modern science to give medical professionals the best possible tools to do their jobs.

The Augmented Age

We are heading for a future where our natural human capabilities are going to be radically augmented in three ways.

From Human To Cyborg: Are You Willing To Augment Your Body?

As technological innovations multiply day by day, it will be more and more usual to augment our bodies with the help of machines.

Why the Future Is Arriving Faster Than You Think

What we’ve got is more people sharing more knowledge, at faster speeds and lower costs, than ever before. 

Brain-machine interfaces as a challenge to the “moment of singularity”

We cannot flee the challenge of delaying or avoiding Ray Kurzweil's prediction. We must embrace it. That is our responsibility.

The Next Human: Brain and Body as Connected Devices

What if we fixed our genetic flaws, fortified our bodies with replacement organs and robotic limbs, and enhanced our minds with technology and drugs?