challenging religious privilege in public life



6 Sneaky Ways the Christian Right Foists Its Biblical Agenda on America

1) What they want: A rollback on environmental protections. This is but one of many ways the religious right has merged its interests with that…

50 Reasons to Boycott the Catholic Church

Source: AlterNet. When you have no voice, there’s only one thing left to do: boycott. Stop supporting the church with your money and your time.

Why Sexual Fundamentalists Dominate Politics and How We Can Stop Them

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4 Ways Christianity Sneaks Into Our Secular Government – And Why it Matters

Source: AlterNet. “In God We Trust” on the money. “Under God” in the Pledge of Allegiance. Creches and crosses on public land. Religious mottos...

8 Countries Where Atheism Is Accepted, Even Celebrated, Instead of Demonized

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5 People Who Bravely Fought Christian Takeover of America

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5 Ways Churches Get Preferential Treatment and Benefit from Legal Loopholes

Source: AlterNet. Many conservative religious leaders insist that houses of worship in America today struggle under intense persecution.

How Religion’s Demand for Obedience Keeps Us in the Dark Ages

Source: AlterNet. For the vast majority of human history, the only form of government was the few ruling over the many.

Should People and Governments Shun the Totalitarian Catholic Church?

Source: AlterNet. When a totalitarian regime aids and abets the rape of tens of thousands of children one would expect it to be shunned...

How We All Pay For the Huge Tax Privileges Granted to Religion – It’s Time to Tax the Church

Source: AlterNet. Would the world be better off without religion? That was the topic of a recent debate in the NYU Intelligence Squared series.