challenging religious privilege in public life


10 Reasons Why Christianity is Wrong

Men do not miraculously heal the sick, raise the dead, and rise from the grave. The claims of Christianity are prima facie absurd.

Atheists Are Murderous, Perverted Beasts!

Atheists are construed as immoral beings who are more likely to commit grotesque acts such as incest, animal torture, and serial murders.

Everyone’s a skeptic – about other religions

Religion is an extremely touchy topic. Church members often become angry if anyone questions their supernatural dogmas.

Europe’s politics of victimology

Europe must shed the straitjacket of political correctness, which makes it impossible to criticize minorities for anything.

Religion and Overpopulation: Threats to Human Survival

If the Catholic Church is not the only important opposition to population growth control, it is, at least, the most significant opposition.

Supernatural Beliefs: The Trillion-Dollar Fraud

What if the whole supernatural spectrum and its huge army of practitioners constitute a trillion-dollar fraud?

Does Christian Fundamentalism Endanger Our Republic?

Fundamentalist Christianity is anti-modern. It holds that truth became manifest two thousand years ago, and everything since is of no consequence.

The Case Against Religion

Our children, descendants, and successors are entitled to our best efforts in their behalf for progress, civilization, and a better world to live in.

Why America needs to confront the Vatican

An American confrontation with the Vatican over its anti-family-planning efforts is prerequisite to removal of this obstruction to the common good.

Earth Needs Renewed Attention To Population Growth

We have little chance of tackling our environmental challenges if we ignore either of the two factors, per capita consumption and population.