challenging religious privilege in public life



Why is Secular European Society Doing So Much Better Than God-Fearing America?

It is the lack of a traditional religious world-view that helps create the most benign societal conditions yet seen.

The Lawsuit Against the Vatican for Looting Nazi Gold

The genocide of WWII directed at Jews, Serbs, Roma, Soviets, and others by the Nazis and their allies generated vast amounts of loot and plunder.

A person with integrity doesn’t claim to know supernatural things

An honest person wants solid evidence to support assertions, and is leery of baseless claims. Therefore, skeptics are most honest of all.

Supernatural Beliefs: The Trillion-Dollar Fraud

What if the whole supernatural spectrum and its huge army of practitioners constitute a trillion-dollar fraud?

How the undemocratic activities of the Catholic Church silences critics

The fear felt by many American politicians aware of the undemocratic activities of the church has resulted in their silence.

Religion has done little to prevent war, famine, crime, oppression, misery, and unhappiness

Each religion claims that its god or gods have supreme power. They could then wipe out all the unhappiness in one gesture.

Why Atheism Will Replace Religion

With better science, and with government safety nets, and smaller families, there is less fear and uncertainty in people's daily lives.

Religion is Contrary to Reason

Any student can go through the Bible and find hundreds of conflicts between science and the Christian religion.

10 Reasons You Should Never Have a Religion

Blessed are the poor (donate heavily). Blessed are the meek (obey). Blessed are the humble (don’t question authority).

10 Reasons Why Christianity is Wrong

Men do not miraculously heal the sick, raise the dead, and rise from the grave. The claims of Christianity are prima facie absurd.