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Artificial Intelligence


Solving Humanities Greatest Challenges

Science continues to produce amazing breakthroughs in a synergistic relationship with technology.

Putting AI to work in longevity research: profile of Alex Zhavoronkov

Zhavoronkov's day job is running Insilico, a drug discovery company in Hong Kong that he founded in 2014, which uses artificial intelligence.

The next eight years will make all of the difference

The next eight years will be a time of massive progress that will bring social change at a speed we have never dealt with before.

The role of Artificial Intelligence in extending health span

Part of the reason for the change in attitudes towards aging is the application of modern artificial intelligence techniques to healthcare.

How to Rule Our Robots

In the near future, our robot cousins will need to behave if we are to avoid an apocalyptic robot war.

Developing countries are being left behind in the AI race – and that’s a problem for all of us

More than 44 countries have their own national AI strategic plans, showing their willingness to forge ahead in the global AI race.

‘Thinkers And Innovators’: What It Will Take To Figure Out The Brain, From A Neuroscience And AI Pioneer

Terrence Sejnowski is a professor at the Salk Institute and a pioneer in computational neuroscience and artificial neural networks.

What really is Transhumanism? Are you already partly Transhuman?

Transhumanism can be seen as three 'Super…': Superlongevity, Superintelligence and Superwellbeing.

Will an A.I. Ever Think and Feel Like a Human?

The quest for artificial intelligence could yield something that not only out-thinks humanity but can also feel emotion like us.

The Robotic World of the Near Future

We are just entering a time driven by intelligent and specialized machines, and the possibilities are limitless.