challenging religious privilege in public life



More People Equals Less Chance For Democratic Government

To expect more freedom as we add more humans who have to find less and less livable places is a ridiculous expectation.

Battling Parkinson’s disease by rejuvenating ageing cells

Fixing body tissues by knocking out genes that prevent bad mitochondrial from being ousted in a timely fashion might sound like science fiction.

Trump’s Vast Incumbency Advantages For Reelection In November

It will not be easy to overcome the incumbent's natural advantage and his willingness to use any means to gain his 2nd term.

What are the chances of Donald Trump winning the upcoming election?

To those who expect a new President to replace what for some is an odious incumbent, I would counsel a serious look at the facts.

What America Needs Now Is a Secular President, Like George Washington

This is not an idle concern. Extreme caution seems advisable about one who claims that theology informs his policy positions.

We should acknowledge the impact that overpopulation is having on the planet

Population limits have been so ignored that now inexpensive family planning methods will be replaced by the Grim Reaper.

Life on Mars? Will we find it? Will we colonize the Red Planet?

The planet Mars has been the focus of two ambitious projects: the search for life forms native to the planet and human colonization.

We Embrace the Greedy Food Miracle at Our Peril

This growth is a form of madness engineered by greed not charity. But if this unsustainable growth collapses, everyone loses.

Are we ready for the artificial womb?

Our ability to create the artificial womb is inching its way toward us. The big question is whether or not society is ready for it.

Supercharged brains and the quest to think better and faster

When it comes to the mind, there are a host of drugs that have become popular in various settings as nootropics or “smart drugs”.