challenging religious privilege in public life

Donald A. Collins

There is a lack of broad public understanding that explosive population growth will increasingly affect our capacity to survive as a species.

Who would know? But why would they want to give up when they could control so much wealth and power down through the ages?

What about those who still serve? Religious cynicism and indifference could have helped pave the way to the Church's current troubles.

The Trump Administration is willing to break the law to pursue policies driven by ideology rather than what is best for women.

If two "must happens" (population limitation and female equality) are not addressed promptly, democracies around the world will fail.

The present condition of the Republican Party was predicted by Senator Barry Goldwater in the 1970’s.

Our world leaders are most unwise to continue to ignore population growth as human governance seems to grow everywhere more chaotic.

The mention of the primary driver of our growing global pain, population growth, gets virtually no mention.

US leaders do not provide much hope that they can learn from the past or even from the disasters that they see in Europe.

The US population has risen from 185 million in 1965 when immigration laws were changed to 330 million, with no vote from US citizens.