challenging religious privilege in public life

The Big Seven has seen the particular advantage of joining in a common cause, namely silence, about the immigration issue being used against us.

It is the power structure of business, the ethnic lobbies, and the Roman Catholic hierarchy that has bamboozled American citizens into silence.

It is critical thinking and rational actions by our choices, or Mother Nature will demand choices rather brutally against us.

We are besieged by corrupt special interests screaming for more mass immigration and open borders that will continue to divide and weaken us.

A must read for anyone left or right concerned about the issues of our time. Women's rights, immigration reform, the population explosion, and more.

Pope Francis has been issuing all kinds of epic sounding messages including a new encyclical on the urgency of fixing our ailing planet’s climate.

Strenuous efforts are afoot by some groups in the USA and elsewhere to redefine the public perception of atheism, which is a pejorative word to…

This historical and powerful film advocates the need to keep abortion services safe, early and widely available for all American women.

Since 1965, the population of the USA has been doubled without a vote of its citizens. While most of us never wanted this immigration invasion...

Since all religions are created by humans, not divines, we can expect no more or less than human foibles in the pursuit of any religion.