challenging religious privilege in public life

Donald A. Collins

How the Big Seven Open Border Powerhouses Foist the Big Lie About Immigration On American Citizens

The Big Seven has seen the particular advantage of joining in a common cause, namely silence, about the immigration issue being used against us.

Female Viagra Gets FDA boost, unlike FDA birth control approvals. Why?

Not long ago I reviewed an important book on FDA behavior with regard to approving various methods of birth control.

Trump Tries To Defund Planned Parenthood’s Abortion Program

The Trump Administration is willing to break the law to pursue policies driven by ideology rather than what is best for women.

The Abortion Debate Lingers Viciously! Male Influence Ranks Huge

In the US religious interests have convinced voters, media and courts that politics has a right to intervene publicly in this private issue.

New Maryland Medical Abortion Clinic Could Set New Delivery Standard For America

In Los Angeles County, groups recently sent women door-to-door in conservative neighborhoods to talk about their abortion experiences in the hope...

Kavanaugh Disturbed Us, but Hyde and Helms Continue to Kill Women

US government policies are still waging powerful influences on women’s right to choose. This condition goes back now for decades.

Pontificating The Same Hard Line With Humility and Sly Softness

Francis may be humble, but he in his heart he evinces and maintains all the beliefs that have made this religion so onerous.

Optimism and Innovation Could Be Derailed By Religion, Culture and Racism

Having been involved in the family planning field since 1965, I have observed the resistance first hand in trying to create readily available contraceptive...

The Main Abortion Battle Is Really Over, Won by Economics, Science and Women

We really don’t have to win that unwinnable political battle now. Economics, women and science have done the heavy lifting already.

The Vatican’s Immoral Stances on Birth Control and Choice Undermine The Good Works Its Vast Networks Could Provide

As we hear powerful religious voices such as Pope Francis’ latest statement on gay rights and contraception, we are poignantly and sadly...