challenging religious privilege in public life

Donald A. Collins

How Human Numbers And Religious Governance Caused Paris

Any objective analyst must confront the facts that all religions have had and will continue to have great influence on this present situation.

Iran’s Leaders Demand Their Women Produce More Cannon Fodder

Have a baby for the Ayatollah! Have a baby for the Pope! Have a baby for Putin! Out-breed all the tribal religionists or any other…

Richard Dawkins’ new bio book touts science over religion with gusto

Dawkins is confident that religions are dying as their claims are continuously shown to be absurd and dangerous versions of tribalism.

Is This Papal Visit A Trojan Horse To Our Personal Liberty???

The Trojan Horse of Catholic intolerance has been gaudily offered and wildly embraced by millions of people who haven’t read its history.

Pope Francis: Allow The Birth Control Example of Most Women Catholics!

Pope Francis has been issuing all kinds of epic sounding messages including a new encyclical on the urgency of fixing our ailing planet’s climate.

Brilliant Population Growth Article Likely Ignored By Gutless Leaders

The religious calls for unlimited children production are dangerous and utterly against humanity’s best interests.

Both Parties Fail American Citizens And Democracy

Many young people like Bernie Sanders. Likewise, many young people must find Donald Trump’s immigration message appealing.

Empowering Women Falls Woefully Short Worldwide, and we are still groping for improvement in the USA

The male dominance of women still prevails, even in the US, and electing a woman President this November would have great symbolic value.

At the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Science Is Not The Only Criteria For Contraceptive Product Approval

After the recent Supreme Court decision in the Hobby contraceptive case where 5 old Catholic Justices slammed women who worked for...

Planetary Salvation Remains Dangerously Blocked By Religious Intransigence

Other religions are guilty as well but the most voracious and immoral attacks come from efforts led by the Vatican all over the world.