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Donald A. Collins


When Will US Leaders See the Dangers of Excess Unneeded Immigration and Act?

US leaders do not provide much hope that they can learn from the past or even from the disasters that they see in Europe.

NY Governor Cuomo hides racism in his Christian hypocrisy about his open border immigration views

The US population has risen from 185 million in 1965 when immigration laws were changed to 330 million, with no vote from US citizens.

Early or Late, Abortion Should Always Be a Woman’s Choice

From the state level to federal policy, Republicans have managed to pass restrictions on reproductive health and its funding.

A special reason to be thankful on Thanksgiving: Improved access to birth control

The decline in US abortions has nothing to do with efforts of the anti-choicers but improved access to birth control.

Racism, while indeed a threat, pales compared to other issues now ignored: Overpopulation being the key one

When will we call an armistice to growth in human numbers by providing all with the ability to make each child a wanted child?

These migrant alien caravans reveal our deep angst about immigration

Why does Trump make his main message before our mid-term elections to Americans be about immigration as symbolized by these caravans?

Kavanaugh Disturbed Us, but Hyde and Helms Continue to Kill Women

US government policies are still waging powerful influences on women’s right to choose. This condition goes back now for decades.

Population and Immigration Reductions Urgently Needed by All Nations

It is already clear from decades of polling that the majority of our citizens already understand the need for reform.

Is Racism at the heart of our own destruction?

We are in a very interesting place in America. Today a Chicago police officer has been charged with killing a black teen in 2014.

Could Trump be brought down by explosive book?

The author of an explosive new book about Donald Trump suggests that we could be seeing the beginning of his unravelling.