challenging religious privilege in public life

The mention of the primary driver of our growing global pain, population growth, gets virtually no mention.

Worldwide, according to the Guttmacher Institute, there are 56 million abortions every year. 45 percent or 25 million are UNSAFE!!

The figments of anyone's religious imagination should never govern the creation of laws governing secular behaviour.

Judge Kavanaugh will likely be on the court for many decades to come. His term would be disastrous for separation of church and state.

The evident follies of today’s religionists or dictators are now blasted onto our visual screens daily. We know the future if we do not act.

We really don’t have to win that unwinnable political battle now. Economics, women and science have done the heavy lifting already.

The efforts of right wing zealots to interfere with secular matters are the stuff of what makes atheism America's fastest growing religion.

The population bomb is not a dud. Ehrlich's unheeded prophesy has already happened to a sad degree in many places around the planet.

Evangelicals loyal to Trump shrug off the scandals. We are reminded of the classic adage: The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

The right to end-of-life choice has had to overcome unjust interference in a strictly secular matter by those with differing religious views.