challenging religious privilege in public life

Flemming Rose

Ayaan Hirsi Ali on free speech

In Hirsi Ali’s view, we need more depictions of Muhammad, including an Islamic version of Monty Python’s Jesus comedy, The Life of Brian.

Words and deeds

The widely made claim that hate speech against the Jews was a primary factor of the Holocaust has no empirical support.

Criminalizing speech is unworthy of an open society

In a society of increasing diversity, criminalizing speech that defames religions would put us on the road to a tyranny of silence.

Why I Published Cartoons of Muhammad and Don’t Regret It

It’s important to defend the free society against the fear society. It’s also crucial to stand for the values of secular democracy.

Funny’s Funny: Humor Is an Essential Freedom of Speech

Taking offence has never been easier, or indeed more popular: many have developed sensitivity so exquisite that it has become excessive.

Jihadis want to assassinate me. But I refuse to be condemned to a tyranny of deathly silence

Portraying the Christian God armed with a bomb does not mean you think that all Christians are drunkards or terrorists.

The War on Free Expression

Freedom and tolerance are two sides of the same coin, and both are under pressure. We all need to develop thicker skin.