challenging religious privilege in public life

Mark Tier

The History of Christianity

The roots of modern science began not with the Renaissance but with the influx of Greek thought in the eleventh century.

The Science of the Bible

Pope Clement VI: The Black Death (the plague) is a "pestilence with which God is afflicting the Christian people".

The Deep Roots of Separation of State from Church

The separation of church and state has far deeper roots than the Constitution of the United States.

Reason, Science and the Church

When Christianity was declared Rome’s monopoly religion in 380 CE, Greek knowledge was violently suppressed.

Would You Let Your 9-Year-Old Daughter Read the Bible?

Do you want your sons and daughters to read about cannibalism, the sacrifice of children, and slavery?

The Science of the Bible: The Creation

God created light on the first day – but he doesn’t get around to creating any source of light until the fourth day. And there’s…

The Church’s Retreat in the Face of Science

The church’s retreat in the face of science continues to the present day. Consider just two recent examples.

Massacres From the Bible

Numbers 21:6: “And the Lord sent fiery serpents among the people, and they bit the people; and much people of Israel died.”

Jesus: A Pagan God?

Christian doctrines like the virgin birth were common in many of the religions that pre-dated the time of Jesus.

Bible Contradictions and Inconsistencies

The Bible is replete with contradictions and inconsistencies. Here are a few examples …