challenging religious privilege in public life

Paul Cliteur

Motives for Atheism

People’s motives for developing an atheist position are often grounded in a laudable type of engagement and not in disillusion.

What Judaism, Christendom, and Islam Have in Common: Theism

Judaism, Christendom, and Islam differ in some aspects. But none of these differences can hide the similarity in their understanding of God.

Faith and Ethics: The Story of Jephtha

In an age of international religious terrorism divine command morality poses considerable problems for the maintenance of the political order.

From censorship by government to censorship by terrorism

The west has a long history of people getting into serious trouble for speaking ill of objects of religious veneration, even before Christianity.

Intolerance not Restricted to Islam

What should be the state and society’s reaction to these assaults on the principle of freedom of speech by religiously motivated zealots?

Religious Violence

A religion does not simply exist in the fantasy of some of its enlightened followers, it also manifests itself in the real world.

The Challenge of Theoterrorism

The term “theoterrorism” is used because the terrorism we are confronted with nowadays is terrorism based on an idea of the “theistic god”.

People Are Not Being Insulted for Having a Religion

If, under the mantle of political correctness, it were possible to dispose of religious criticism, the social costs would be enormous.

The Postmodern Interpretation of Religious Terrorism

The answer of postmodern cultural relativism is: refrain from criticism. Be reticent to comment on unfamiliar religions.

Self-Defence And Terrorism

We hear it said we are witnessing a “clash of civilizations”. The most important question, however, is the following: can the problem be solved?