challenging religious privilege in public life

Paul Cliteur

A Definition of Atheism: Atheism as A-theism

An atheist is someone who denies the existence of a god with certain characteristics. In other words: he denies the existence of “God”.

Can Translation Mitigate All Immoral Passages in Scripture?

For apologists of religion, the violence in Scripture is only superficially there. It has to do with the "translation" of the text in question.

Atheism as an Unpopular Position

It seems that the nature of the rejection of atheism has changed, but there still is, so it seems, a widespread condemnation of it.

Motives for Atheism

People’s motives for developing an atheist position are often grounded in a laudable type of engagement and not in disillusion.

Why Are “Moderates” so Reluctant to Criticize Religion?

The outright rejection of the idea of scriptural authority seems to be more straightforward and intellectually promising than any alternative.

Khomeini v. Rushdie

Many people are under the spell of historicism when they tell us that for the Arabic world is it “too early” to expect liberal democracy.

Advocates Are Fighting For A Burqa-Free Europe. Will They Get It?

Advocates for a burqa-free Europe have faced vigorous opposition from those who claim burqa bans encourage anti-Muslim stereotyping.

Freethought under Fire

In the 1960s and 1970s many people seemed inclined to think that freedom of speech was vitally important. Nowadays, it is less popular.

The Definition of Atheism

The most fruitful definition of atheism is a negative one: an atheist does not believe in the god that theism favours.

Falling prey to relativism

The postmodern relativistic – or nihilistic – position makes Western societies easy prey for the ideology of radical Islamism.