challenging religious privilege in public life

Rudi Carrell (1934–2006) was a Dutch‐born television personality who became one of the most beloved show masters on German television.

Contemporary political leaders all seem to give the same advice to citizens in western states, viz. not to provoke the terrorists.

The term “theoterrorism” is used because the terrorism we are confronted with nowadays is terrorism based on an idea of the “theistic god”.

We clearly need a special word for the denial of the orthodox idea of the divine. ‘Atheism’ seems not a bad choice for this word.

Advocates for a burqa-free Europe have faced vigorous opposition from those who claim burqa bans encourage anti-Muslim stereotyping.

The documentary Death of a Princess (1980) was one of the first large-scale attempts to stifle freedom of speech in European nation states.

It seems that the nature of the rejection of atheism has changed, but there still is, so it seems, a widespread condemnation of it.

The postmodern relativistic – or nihilistic – position makes Western societies easy prey for the ideology of radical Islamism.

Rushdie was targeted not only by terrorists who wanted to punish him for his blasphemous novel, but also by public intellectuals.

The veil is first of all an instrument of men’s power over women. It is not an accident that men do not wear the veil.