challenging religious privilege in public life

Paul Cliteur

The Deontological and Utilitarian Justifications for Free Speech

All new ideas were, in a way, won over hurt feelings, shattered worldviews – all new ideas generated resistance and opposition.

Atheism as an Unpopular Position

It seems that the nature of the rejection of atheism has changed, but there still is, so it seems, a widespread condemnation of it.

Falling prey to relativism

The postmodern relativistic – or nihilistic – position makes Western societies easy prey for the ideology of radical Islamism.

Moral and Political Secularism

The critic must be able to place himself or herself over against the religious tradition. That presupposes what may be called moral autonomy.

Freedom of speech as the second pillar of freethought

What should the reaction of open or liberal societies be to the assault we experience on the principles on which they are based?

Command Ethics or Divine Command Ethics?

The fact that Abraham could have made a different choice from the one he actually made does not exculpate the tradition itself.

Intolerance not Restricted to Islam

What should be the state and society’s reaction to these assaults on the principle of freedom of speech by religiously motivated zealots?

Freedom of Speech and Philosophers on the Index

Countless books now considered indispensable works of the Western tradition were for a long time suppressed by the Catholic Church.


Is it impossible to say anything about the likelihood of the existence of a personal, eternal, omnipotent, and perfectly good being?

The Varieties of Atheist Experience

We clearly need a special word for the denial of the orthodox idea of the divine. ‘Atheism’ seems not a bad choice for this word.