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Longevity is the concept of living a vital life for a longer than normal period. Why Longevity? That’s another story… How, then?

The current focus in AI research is on machine learning, which addresses almost none of the requirements of intelligence.

Current machine learning approaches will not get us to real AI. The kind that can truly understand you, and learn new knowledge by itself.

'Understanding' is a 'suitcase word', and just like 'intelligence', has many quite distinct meanings that are 'thrown into a suitcase'.

Our real long-term goal is AGI  –  systems that can think, learn, adapt, and reason as well as, or better than, humans.

AGIs will help us improve our morality. Their intelligence will help us discover the best principles to live by, and the best goals to pursue.

We actually need advanced AI to help guide us through this stage of human evolution, to help save us from ourselves.

General human-level artificial intelligence, or AGI, has certain specific requirements. These cannot be met by any narrow techniques.

The only viable interpretation of determinism implies that the future cannot in principle be determined. Ever.

Here is a list of some of the reasons, plus an analysis of why there seems to be so little progress in AGI development.