challenging religious privilege in public life

Religious fanaticism drives the entire anti-abortion movement. The energy and organization and direction of this movement is derived from religious fanaticism.

The Global 2000 Report is the single greatest threat to the conserva­tive leadership of the Roman Catholic Church in this century and possibly...

A fascinating and disturbing insight into a population policy that could have changed the world but for the machinations of the Vatican.

Daring exposé of a largely secret but powerful opposition to controlling population growth and establishing a sustainable society by the Vatican.

The Vatican exercises eight kinds of power—all of which have been used and have proved effective in opposing social issues in the United States.

A must read to comprehend the increasingly menacing, implacable efforts of the Roman Catholic Church to sabotage or terminate family planning programmes.

The Roman Catholic Church's influence exceeds that of most governments of the world. How did the Church arrive at this position?

Catholic countries with right-wing dictatorships are, de facto, colonies of the Vatican, making it the world’s last great colonial power.

The Catholic hierarchy is willing to compromise with government so long as its own special areas of power are respected.

Catholic children are conditioned and indoctrinated systematically in the educational system from the kindergarten through the university or seminary.