challenging religious privilege in public life

Stephen D. Mumford

The Vatican’s Role in the World Population Crisis: The Untold Story

Why is the Vatican so anxious to impose its will on the world of Catholics and non-Catholics alike when it comes to abortion and family…

The Vatican’s sabotage of efforts to address population growth

The Vatican is successfully blocking consideration of the reality that popu­lation growth is the most serious threat to the security of all nations.

Excerpts from: The Life and Death of NSSM 200: How the Destruction of Political Will Doomed a U.S. Population Policy

It is most important to understand that the Vatican leadership can visualize a world where it no longer exists. It was this chilling vision that…

The Vatican Propaganda Machine: The Spanish “Civil War” Lesson

In 1931, Spain became the Republic of Spain, a liberal democracy that ended State monetary support for the church.

Postponing Self-Destruction of the Catholic Church

If Americans knew that the Vatican gravely threatens U.S. and global security, it would be much closer to its own self-destruction.

A Crash Course on Papal Infallibility

Hans Kung, the renowned Swiss Catholic theologian: “It is not possible to solve the problem of contraception until we solve the problem of infallibility.”

Population growth the single greatest threat to world peace – and activities by the Catholic hierarchy the greatest deterrent

The effective opposition to population growth control activities by the Catholic hierarchy has clearly been the single greatest deterrent.

U.S. Catholic Bishops: Implications of the Pastoral Plan for Pro-Life Activities

The Pastoral Plan specifically directed the creation of "grass-roots" organizations for the purposes of advancing the papal agenda.

What happened to American political will to deal with the overpopulation problem?

November 26, 1975 marked the end of the peak of American political will to deal with the overpopulation problem.

Why papal infallibility is so important to the Catholic Church

The dogma of infallibility is important to the Catholic Church because it shields the entire doctrinal structure of the Church from criticism.