challenging religious privilege in public life

The anti-abortion movement in the United States was created in response to the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Roe v. Wade in 1973...

Through the Vatican’s constant presentation of the Church’s actions as “virtuous”, recognition of the Church as a tyrant has been thwarted.

A fascinating and disturbing insight into a population policy that could have changed the world but for the machinations of the Vatican.

There is conclusive evidence that most American Catholics are ignoring many Church teachings, in particular those related to sex.

Few Americans, even few Catholics, have any idea of the extent to which the Church has gone to impose its religious dogma on all Americans.

The effective opposition to population growth control activities by the Catholic hierarchy has clearly been the single greatest deterrent.

The pressure of the Catholic Church on American journalism is one of the most important forces in American life.

The prolific propaganda machine has been effective in creating illusions which serve to counter the realities we all see with our own eyes.

How does the Vatican influence US policy? In hundreds of ways. Most important in creating many of these opportunities is the Church’s almost unimaginable wealth.

The 1960s saw a rapidly increasing American public awareness of the world population problem. The invention of the contraceptive pill...