challenging religious privilege in public life

Stephen D. Mumford

What the dean of investigative reporters thought about the Catholic Church’s influence on the American press

George Seldes was the leading observer and critic of American journalism in this century. Of his 21 books, seven deal with freedom of the press.

Catholic Education: The Rock on Which the Whole Church Structure Rests

Catholic children are conditioned and indoctrinated systematically in the educational system from the kindergarten through the university or seminary.

Examples of Vatican influence on policies of nations

Vatican influence on domestic and foreign policy of the US is not unique. All governments except China are victims of this Vatican manipulation of government…

What was the role of the Vatican in the destruction of American political will to deal with overpopulation?

The Vatican acted against the Rockefeller Commission and NSSM 200 recommendations because the survival of the Papacy was on the line.

The Catholic Church and Sex

The Church's preoccupation with sex stems chiefly from three very different concerns of power or control.

How Papal Authority is Threatened by Population Growth Control

The solutions to the problem of overpopulation threaten the continued existence of the church as it has evolved over the past 2000 years.

NSSM 200, the Vatican, and the World Population Explosion

On March 30, 1995, Pope John Paul II made public his encyclical letter entitled Evangelicum Vitae, which assailed both abortion and contraception...

The Catholic Church: The Most Effective Religious Force in American Politics

Few Americans, even few Catholics, have any idea of the extent to which the Church has gone to impose its religious dogma on all Americans.

Eight kinds of power the Vatican exercises to control Catholics

To effect control over lay Catholic elites Vaillancourt has found that the Vatican exercises eight kinds of power.

How the Pope uses the “ecumenical movement” to silence Protestant criticism

The 'ecumenical movement' is the pope’s most important stratagem to silence Protestant criticism of Vatican interference in American government.