challenging religious privilege in public life

The Quran and the Bible largely agree on a God-given male-dominated gender hierarchy in which men can negotiate bodily rights to girls.

Faced with poor research outcomes, many religious leaders and theologians now argue that prayer is inherently exempt from evaluation.

Long before the Catholic Church made saints out of martyrs, a myriad of texts encouraged believers to embrace suffering or persecution.

Harming society may actually be part of religion’s survival strategy. When people feel prosperous and secure, the hold of religion weakens.

You might think that if someone is omnipotent, then anger would be unnecessary. The force that created the universe has no need of it.

Atwood's The Handmaid’s Tale is grounded in gender scripts that pervade Abrahamic scriptures. One biblical story brings the pieces together.

How well do you know your Torah, Bible, or Quran and Hadith? Can you tell which is which? Give it a try and then check…

Ask and ye shall receive? Not unless the implacable laws of physics and biology are already trending in your favour.

As antiquities scholarship improves, it becomes increasingly clear that the origins of Christianity are convoluted, and not very coherent.

It’s time to turn the Bible and Christianity’s highest values back on the Religious Right, with language they understand.