challenging religious privilege in public life

Zoltan Istvan

Religion Is Harming Society And Lives

The fundamental problem with religion is that believers are so sure they’re "correct" on anything and everything they believe.

Radical Technology Will Help Replace the Need for Religion in the Future

Code, computers, and science will one day replace formal religion and its God, and we will be better as a species for it.

Five Science and Technology Predictions for 2025

Genetic editing of the human embryo is here to stay, and may well prove to be the most important scientific advancement of the 21st century.

Baggage Culture and Why Embracing Transhumanism Doesn’t Come Easy

Civilization has erroneously subscribed to the vision that the human being is a marvellous, ingeniously assembled specimen of life.

Will Transhumanism Change Racism in the Future?

Expect humans to literally change their skin color soon through coming technologies - most that will probably be based on genetic editing.

The Culture of Transhumanism Is About Self-Improvement

Our identity should not only be based on who we are, but also on where we’re going and what we can become.

Transhumanism and Our Outdated Biology

Compared to humans, rats have better noses for smelling. Pigeons have sharper eyes for seeing. Humans are only best at reasoning.

Becoming Transhuman: The Complicated Future of Robot and Advanced Sapient Rights

For the masses to survive and thrive, there’s really only one thing to do: merge with this radical tech and science.

Should It Be Illegal to Indoctrinate Kids With Religion?

Forcing religion onto minors is a form of child abuse, which limits their ability to consider the world in an unbiased manner.

Can Transhumanism Overcome a Widespread Deathist Culture?

Gerontologists and other researchers have made major gains recently in the fields of life extension, anti-aging research, and longevity science.