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Are You A Christian? Feeling Repressed? Here Are 7 Ways To Tell If You Are Really Being Persecuted

Below, are seven tell-tale signs that you are being persecuted. Just answer the question. If you answered “yes,” you’re NOT being persecuted.

Study finds that people don’t like atheists because they serve as a grim reminder of death’s finality

More and more people in the United States are casting aside religion and identifying as atheists – yet polling has found that nearly half of…

Neil deGrasse Tyson Has Something To Say To Christians, And They Aren’t Going To Like It

The bottom line, argues Tyson, is this: You either believe in measurable truths based on evidence, or you don’t.

Sam Harris Brilliantly Explains How Cults And Religion Both Make You Want To Die

Famed atheist Sam Harris has explained these parallels more brilliantly than I ever could, certainly. He says what most people who...

Big Business And Christianity: The Reason Behind The ‘Christian Nation’ Lie

The U.S., according to our founding fathers and our supreme law of the land, is not a Christian nation.

E. O. Wilson: I’m not an atheist but religion should be eliminated

Renowned biologist E. O. Wilson has said we should eliminate religions for the sake of human progress, as they are "dragging us down".

TV host asks staunch atheist Stephen Fry question about God, the reactions from both are incredible

Stephen Fry is an unapologetic atheist, so if you're going to ask him a question about God then you better be prepared.

Astrophysicist Writes Brutal Response To WSJ Article Claiming Science Has Proven God Exists

One person who is fed up with this kind of pseudoscientific contrived nonsense is Lawrence Krauss, a world-renown theoretical physicist.

Patriotic Americans have the right not to believe in any God

It might seem paradoxical that so many Americans consider religious faith as a necessary component of American identity.

Rick Santorum: Separation Of Church And State A Communist Idea, Not An American One

Rick Santorum disputes the existence of the separation of church and state in the U.S. Constitution, dismissing it as a Communist idea.