challenging religious privilege in public life

Congregation for the doctrine of the faith says gender reassignment is ‘against man’s nature’, hence those seeking it lack ‘moral requirement’

Physical and sexual abuse took place up to 2015 at Regensburger Domspatzen choir school, referred to by some pupils as hell.

A priest who called police in Florida after a colleague showed child porn images to a 14-year-old boy says he has been "frozen out" by…

Europe is a continent that for centuries has given birth to many notable cultures, ethnic traditions and civilizations.

The three monotheistic global religions all use sex as an adjunct to religious power. Take the fetid Irish Catholic impulse to control female sexuality.

A top Vatican official today condemned Brittany Maynard's decision to end her own life rather than suffer with terminal brain cancer, saying there is 'no…

To effect control over lay Catholic elites Vaillancourt has found that the Vatican exercises eight kinds of power.

A CNN investigation found that at least 10 of the 34 active archbishops in the United States live in buildings worth more than $1 million.

Who needs conspiracy theories about the Illuminati? We have one hell of a secret organization residing in Rome called the Catholic Church.

"We have found out that some other babies have also been illegally sold from the centre," a police official told BBC Hindi's Niraj Sinha.