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Environment and Population


Climate endgame: risk of human extinction ‘dangerously underexplored’

"Could anthropogenic climate change result in worldwide societal collapse or even eventual human extinction?" asks a new analysis.

New publication shows how overpopulation drives biodiversity loss

Overpopulation is a major driver of biodiversity loss and a key obstacle to fairly sharing habitat and resources with other species.

Climate scientist: Soon the world will be unrecognisable

According to British Prof. Bill McGuire, blistering heatwaves, floodings, and extreme weather events are just the beginning.

Hello Homo Sapiens! Is The 6th Mass Extinction Well Underway? Indeed!

In short, the age of the widespread use of fossil fuel has in less than 100 years brought us to the brink of collapse.

The Corporate Oligarchs Have Put Humanity on a Path Toward Self-Annihilation

We are facing an unprecedented level of avarice mobilised by billionaires and corporations with more power and wealth than the world has ever seen.

Some say population is irrelevant – so why is it always in the news?

It is easy to find impassioned opinions stating human population size and growth have little to do with humanity's ruination of Earth's environment.

Biden Considers Declaring Climate Emergency Amid ‘Heat Apocalypse’

Biden's plans for a possible emergency declaration comes as the White House is facing mounting pressure to take unilateral climate action.

The United Nations celebrates World Population Day by shaming population ‘alarmists’

The United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) was created in 1969 to act on the world community's concerns about population growth.

Biodiversity Destruction Imperils Natural Species Crucial to Humanity’s Survival

A new report backed by the UN warns that humans must ramp up efforts to sustainably use and protect the world's flora and fauna.

‘Tipping Point of No Return’ Feared as Amazon Rainforest Fires Surge

Brazilian academics have warned that a Bolsonaro victory in the October presidential election would mean total demise for the Brazilian Amazon.