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Climate Change


Climate Summit Ends in ‘Unconscionable’ Failure as Rich Nations Turn Backs on Poorest

Climate change is hitting hardest the most marginalised communities, and rich countries are still refusing to acknowledge their climate debt.

This Supreme Court is poised to gut the federal government’s ability to fight climate change

A Supreme Court environmental case being decided this month is the product of a coordinated, multiyear strategy by Republicans.

Over 1.7 billion city dwellers now face multiple days of dangerous heat each year

More than 1.7 billion city dwellers now experience multiple days each year when heat and humidity reach levels that can make people sick.

‘The New Normal’: 100 Million+ People Across US Face Extreme Heat

South Texas and Georgia residents are expected to face 102°F heat with temperatures reaching 105°F in parts of South Carolina and Nebraska.

Scientists Urge ‘Transformative Change’ to Stave Off Climate, Biodiversity Collapse

18 top scientists have emphasised "the need for transformative change" to take on the connected biodiversity and climate crises.

World Is at a ‘Boiling Point’ as Climate Crisis and War Rage

The natural systems that support life on Earth have been breached, and the human systems remain plagued by inequalities.

IPCC Report Reveals ‘Bleak and Brutal Truth’ About Climate Emergency

As we come ever closer to the tipping points for human existence, once again scientists are sounding a clear alarm.

UN Report Warns Earth at ‘Crossroads’ in Battle Against Global Drought Crisis

Without urgent action, an estimated 700 million people will be at risk of displacement by the end of the decade.

Earth’s Atmospheric CO² Hasn’t Been This High In Millions of Years

We need to focus on decreasing emissions but the rate of increase of CO² remains as high as it has been in the last decade.

The Arctic is heating four times faster than the rest of the earth

A recent study found that the Arctic, long believed to be warming at two times the rate of the rest of the planet, was underestimated.