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Faisal Khan


Venus Is In The Spotlight Again With This 2023 ‘Life Finder Mission’

The first of the planned Venus Life Finder Missions is set to launch in 2023. A follow-up mission is planned for 2026.

Scientists claim a major breakthrough in reversing immune cells aging

Scientists from the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have found a way to rejuvenate the ageing process of the body’s immune system.

Breathable oxygen: Another landmark for Perseverance rover on Mars

In an amazing new experiment MOXIE device on the rover produced a tiny amount of oxygen on the Red planet.

Researchers treat brain tumors using ‘neutrobots’ in animal trials

A team of scientists in breakthrough research used microscopic robots to deliver drugs to the tissues of the affected animals.

A brain-computer interface restores a paralyzed man’s vital senses

Ian Burkhart, who severed his spinal cord in a swimming accident in 2010 is now able to move and feel via a BCI.

A Major breakthrough in reversing the cellular aging process

A team at Harvard has identified molecules that restore protective caps on the tips of our chromosomes that regulate cells ageing.

First-ever in-body CRISPR human trial performed by Clinicians

The clinical trial at the Oregan Health & Science University was performed to treat a blindness-causing gene mutation.

Scientists finally develop artificial neurons that mimic our brain cells

The invention opens doors for curing diseases where the biological neurons are not functioning properly.

The Booming Space Economy

The next decade is going to be an important one, with declining costs and advanced technology propelling the space economy to new highs.

Will Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) make us Telepathic?

The biggest use of this technology would be in the medical field, where neural interfaces will treat diseases like Alzheimer’s.