challenging religious privilege in public life

Free Speech


Kant’s Struggle with Moral Autonomy and Free Speech

Kant’s position on moral autonomy does not fundamentally differ from that of Thomas Paine, but he put it far less bluntly than Paine did.

Why We Must Defend Free Speech

Leading Nazis, such as Joseph Goebbels and Theodor Fritsch were all prosecuted by the Weimar Republic for their anti-Semitic speech.

Funny’s Funny: Humor Is an Essential Freedom of Speech

Taking offence has never been easier, or indeed more popular: many have developed sensitivity so exquisite that it has become excessive.

Blasphemy Is Not Racism

We’re in a clash of ideologies. The liberal western tradition of freedom of speech (however tarnished) is anathema to fundamentalist Islam.

Blasphemy: A Victimless Crime or a Crime in Search of a Victim?

We need a serious debate about free speech in a globalized world in order to avoid ad hoc, short-term decisions to calm emotions.

Flemming Rose – From Where I Stand

The Cartoon Crisis, as it came to be known, spiraled into a violent fiasco as Muslims around the world erupted in protest of the images.

Words and deeds

The widely made claim that hate speech against the Jews was a primary factor of the Holocaust has no empirical support.

Is There Another Way to Discover the Truth than by Free Discussion?

Many people (including the Pope) think that if speech is left free, false views will generally be more easily adopted than true ones.

Can hate speech be eradicated?

An increasingly multicultural, multiethnic, and multireligious world doesn’t call for less diversity of speech, but for more.

Social Criticism not Identical with the Urge to Provoke

We all think – at least most of us – that Darwin had to publish the Origin in spite of “sorrow” or “pain” or “hurt…